Members of school districts throughout the United States heard of the research and discoveries made by TEAM 20 and began to seek out our members for advice, experiences and to access our database and materials, thus this website was created.

This site is dedicated to providing a firsthand experience of parents, teachers and community members who’s districts have signed contracts with companies who bring F-1 visa students into their public high school.

It is intended to provide facts, data, and information that will enable the visitor of this site to obtain the knowledge about this program in order for them to make an informed decision as to the merits of the program and whether the information being told to them by the school administration and student provider companies is accurate and truthful.

In a nutshell, this is what we do know:

  1. The number of F-1 students in US Public Schools is rising at an alarming rate
  2. The stated purpose of the F-1 students coming here is to gain admission in a US College or University. These are NOT foreign exchange students (which is a J visa). These are students coming on a student visa (F-1) where the purpose is strictly to receive an education. There is no exchange
  3. These F-1 students will compete against the district children for class space, college entrance, scholarships and in addition, the class ranking of the district children drops as the F-1 students have only one year of GPA to average, whereupon the district children have 4 years. The F-1 students also generally receive special tutoring, support and assistance with college selection, college applications and scholarship applications
  4. In most states the school district is receiving the per-pupil funding for each foreign student. In Michigan this is apx. $7,300 per student that is being taken from the education funds and paid to educate each of these students
  5. Superintendents and Administrators are receiving travel, entertainment, and sightseeing excursions in foreign countries, while they are choosing which companies they will sign long term exclusive contracts with, without bidding, and negotiating contracts with these companies with little or no oversight
  6. Promises are made to the district residents that the program will generate substantial income, yet accurate and complete books detailing income and expenses are not kept not provided when requested
  7. This program utilizes a great deal of district resources including administer time, extensive travel away from the district, the creation of “international directors” and other positions within the school that are created to assist the F-1 students with very little benefit to the district students
  8. The current F-1 law states that a foreign student can only attend a US public high school for a MAXIMUM of ONE consecutive year. They can attend 9th, 10th, 11th OR 12th grade. However, in Oxford, MI and elsewhere in the US the students are receiving education services and support from the public high school for 2 years and coming for 11th AND 12th grades and receiving a high school diploma. We are told that they are issued a visa (I-20 form) by the high school the first year and by a “partner college” the second year. In most cases, the school district pays the college tuition for the student and counts this towards their high school requirements, provides support and counseling and gives them a diploma
  9. The community is told that this program somehow helps the district students because they will become “global students”. However, it has been found that the F-1 students are generally segregated, kept in dorms and have very little interaction with the district students. In addition, having children from only one school does not make a “global” school.
  10. In many instances the community is told that the tuition that the F-1 student is paying is somehow going to improve the education of the district students. The average tuition being paid is $10,000, the average cost to educate an average district high school student is $13,000. An F-1 student requires ESL, special counseling, tutoring and supports and therefore would cost more on average to educate

HISTORY OF TEAM 20 – How it all began

Truth in Education Accountability in Management is a group of citizens that was originally formed because key members of the Board of Education and Superintendent refused to respond to the communities concerns about a proposal that would bring 200 Chinese F-1 visa students into our public high school every year. Despite the pubic outcry and genuine concern and questions, on February 12, 2015, the superintendent and board of education locked us into a 20 year contract in which  we agree that we will only accept Chinese students from this particular company for the next 20 years. So now you know where the “20” came from.

The outcry was swift, many district residents were angry, but the board and Superintendent refused to acknowledge the concerns and were making statements and promises without facts to back it up. Seeing that multiple individuals were working to get answers without success it was suggested that we find a way to work together, and together they unified and joined forces in hopes that a unified voice would be heard. On March 29, 2015 TEAM 20, A closed Facebook Group, was formed and within days had over 100 members and grew rapidly from there with the common goal of discovering the TRUTH and obtaining ACCOUNTABILITY from our Board and Superintendent.

On April 2, 2015 the Mission Statement was created:
(Truth in Education Accountability in Management) is a group of citizens evaluating the impact of a 20 year contract to educate more than 200 Chinese students per year in a public high school located in Oxford, Michigan. The mission is to do Due Diligence on the proposal including impact to district students, fiscal studies and evaluation of using tax dollars for the program

Discoveries made by the members of TEAM 20 demonstrated that we needed to look further into the operations of the Board of Education and the Superintendent. Members wrote FOIA’s, did research, went to the district and dug through files, and sought input and information from their community and within 37 days of TEAM 20 being formed, TEAM 20 unearthed documents which resulted in the Board rescinding their contract with Superintendent William Skilling. On May 6, 2016 William Skilling’s contract was rescinded and Tim Throne assumed the Superintendent’s position on May 7, 2015.

Word was getting out to other communities about the research, information and experiences of members of TEAM 20 and other communities from all over the US joined TEAM 20. Members are able to exchange information and experiences, give advice and answer questions.

As more information came in and more questions were asked it became apparent that website would be needed that could collect and share information and provide a format to exchange information and ask and answer questions. So this is it, your site to learn, share, question and obtain Truth in Education, Accountability in Management of public schools throughout the United States.